yourtwophat is the home of tom ferrara's artistic endeavors // hi, i'm tom // i'm an ice cream addicted // thrift store bargain hunting // nature exploring // overly dramatic sub-par poetry writing // plane hopping // people loving // pseudo-philosophy conversation having // directionally challenged // anxiety prone // former third grade student of the month // who is always on the lookout for the nearest jar of chunky peanut butter and the next great album to have on repeat 

so, why the name, yourtwophat? // well, mostly because having a separate "identity" allows for the freedom to take risks and be vulnerable // but why that name? // idk, cause i like it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ // cause it means nothing but invites your mind to lean on its predispositions to interpret one // and that's partly how i see what i do with a camera // making photographs of the real world as it's happening on the street, amidst private lives, or otherwise can presume to be truthful // on the contrary, while the contents of the image really did exist as they are shown, the relationships between each of the components can be skewed // the "reality" of the photograph can and will be twisted by the photographer's conscious and unconscious intentions, influenced by the subject's decisions, and formulated by viewers' varied states of mind 

i've come to accept that // each and every time i expose a frame i intend to embrace the fiction that i am living // but fiction isn't necessarily bad: every dream was a fiction before it became fact 

i have always been fascinated by human connection// specifically the concepts of alienation and reconciliation: within ourselves as individuals // with the divine // with others // and with nature

tom currently resides in asbury park, nj and is available for collaborations, booking, and/or commissions // he is in the process of publishing two zines and his first book scheduled to be released in winter 2019


i'd love to hear from you...

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